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The Conference Manager is a digital platform  (or a web system) supporting the organisation, management, communication and participation in events. The objective of the Conference Manager is to implement a new business model and service model in the event organisation market, with radical innovations compared to the tools currently available, such as market place and digital or paper planning tools.

The advantages of the Conference Manager platform

the conference manager

  • It covers all the different event stages (preparation and planning, monitoring while in progress, post event closing).
  • It can be used by professionals as well as private users, supporting a range of events.
  • It provides simplified interaction, thanks to its ability to learn from users’ behaviour and thus anticipate their needs.
  • It supports and digitalises the entire organisational process, and not just a portion of the process, for a variety of events and not just for certain events.
  • It promotes contact between service providers and organisers.
  • It supports SMEs in increasing the sales of their products
  • It connects organisers and suppliers, with innovative and digital solutions 
  • It strengthens your business, and makes you stand out from the competition.

If you are an organiser you can manage:

  1. one or more events at the same time
  2. monitor and change the dashboard, with a summary of the events and countdown on days 
  3. manage data, the budget and services for each
  4. event
  5. find suppliers and/or the necessary products
  6. place orders for products and track 
  7. the order’s status
  8. manage guests
  9. plan the agenda/appointments 
  10. manage the tables
  11. manage contracts/ smart contracts
  12. create a blog/site for the event available only to guests or open to the public
  13. load documents (e.g. external suppliers)

If you are a supplier you can manage by the conference manager:

  1. your digital showcase
  2. the creation of all the services you offer
  3. load your products, with the relevant details
  4. on pricing, descriptions and photos
  5. include information on your business, and 
  6. opening hours
  7. manage the agenda and appointments
  8. manage orders, and change their status
  9. manage contracts

Choosing the conference manager means having:

  • Less organising time
  • Quick organisation
  • Reduction in company costs
  • Promotions with digital tools
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Immediate product sales
  • Managing appointments
  • Customer loyalty
  • Reduction in logistics costs
  • Digitalisation of all organisational processes
  • Possibility of also reaching an international audience
  • Smart management of participants and contracts

Key aspects of the conference:

  • select the type of event (e.g. weddings, conferences, birthdays …)
  • a specific organisational model is proposed based on the type of event, in terms of timing, and most common goods and services.
  • marketplace of goods and services according to the type of event to compare and select suppliers
  • standard contracts and support in finalising, managing and monitoring interaction with suppliers
  • checking on progress status
  • accounting, with budget and final accounts, tracking suppliers and services
  • interaction with event attendees (from issuing tickets to sharing data and programmes, sharing photos and videos) on various channels (dedicated app, social networks)


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    We are in Rome, but work worldwide
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